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  • 60+ page downloadable workbook, with exercises & examples of purpose-driven business innovations

Who is this workshop for?


Franz Böse

Chief Marketing Officer (SILENT-YACHTS)

Solving a meaningful problem through innovation is at the core of what we do at SILENT-YACHTS. The reason we are excelling as leaders in our industry is because we saw a better solution for the sailing community and made it our goal to promote positive change, both for our customers and our environment.

MISSIONARY is doing crucial work to help more businesses amplify their impact & sustainability.

Bastian Springer


David & Adrian are Coaches in our Inkubation Programm MEDIA LIFT. We had an excellent (remote) training and workshop for our Teams. Thanks a lot for your input and inspiration.

Jon Butcher

CEO & Entrepreneur (Lifebook, Precious Moments, Purity Coffee)

Connecting to a cause isn't just a nice-to-have option. Doing more good just makes good business sense. And that's true no matter what industry you're in. If you're not aligned with a purpose, you're already at a competitive disadvantage.

MISSIONARY helps you gain your competitive edge through a focused process of discovering your authentic business mission and executing it with effectiveness and clarity.


via Trustpilot

I really enjoyed the training capitalism with purpose. Easy to follow content with small pieces of video incl. time to reflect and work on the exercise. The workbook is a great support and idea. I can highly recommend this for people with no, little or a bit of knowledge about purpose driven work. For people with more experience this course gives great opportunity to reflect the own approach.

Kristof Schmit

via Trustpilot

I am glad to have completed the Missionary course. Great motivation and business booster for my professional and personal future. I will look out for further programs.

Take a peek inside the class.

Here's what you'll learn on your path to purpose:

  • 1


  • 2

    Embrace the change

  • 3

    Upgrading your foundation

    • Upgrading your foundation

    • Shifting customer behaviors

    • Let's review: Shifting customer behaviors

    • Exercise 2.1: Your transforming customers

    • Humanity's new assistant

    • Areas that make up your foundation

    • Finance & Legal

    • Let's review: Finance & Legal

    • Exercise 2.2: Finance & Legal

    • Business development

    • Let's review: Business development

    • Exercise 2.3: Business Development

    • R&D & Production

    • Let's review: R&D and Production

    • Exercise 2.4: R&D & Production

    • Logistics & Supply chain

    • Let's review: Logistics & Supply Chain

    • Exercise 2.5: Logistics & Supply Chain

    • Sales & After-sales

    • Let's review: Sales & After-sales

    • Exercise 2.6: Sales & After-sales

    • Brand & Culture

    • Let's review: Brand & Culture

    • Exercise 2.7: Brand & Culture

    • Exercise review 2.8: Your business areas

    • Your impact readiness

    • Download your Impact Readiness Matrix

    • Exercise 2.9: Impact Readiness Matrix

  • 4

    Redefining the mission statement

    • Redefining the mission statement

    • The importance of purpose

    • Purpose drives innovation

    • Purpose-led product iterations

    • Re-writing your mission statement

    • Exercise 3.1: Get input

    • Exercise 3.2: Your new mission statement

    • Real-world examples of mission-driven companies

    • Awesome mission statements (and why they work)

    • Share your new mission statement

  • 5

    Where to find your cause

    • Where to find your cause

    • Connecting to causes

    • Customer-related causes

    • Exercise 4.1: Exploring customer-related causes

    • Company-related causes

    • Exercise 4.2: Exploring company-related causes

    • Community-related causes

    • Exercise 4.3: Exploring community-related causes

    • Connect the dots

    • Exercise 4.4: Connect the dots

    • Exercise review 4.5: Your cause-connection

    • Types of cause-collaborations

    • Let's review: Cause-collaboration models

  • 6

    Testing first projects

    • Testing first projects

    • Reassess your status quo

    • Identify areas ripe for change

    • Exercise 5.1: Identify areas ripe for change

    • Prioritizing your projects

    • Download your Action Priority Matrix

    • Exercise 5.2: Action-Priority Matrix

    • Low-risk trials

    • Let's review: Low-risk trials

  • 7

    Making big goals actionable

    • Making big goals actionable

    • Setting your goals

    • A framework for success

    • Let's review: A framework for success; OKRs

    • Defining measurable results

    • Exercise 6: Setting OKRs

  • 8

    Multiply your impact

    • Multiply Your Impact

    • Associations and certifications

    • Let's review: Associations and certifications

    • Sharing your success

    • Thought leadership

    • Let's review: Thought leadership

    • Fostering innovation

    • Let's review: Fostering innovation

    • Exercise review 7: Your purpose communication

  • 9


    • A final message from your instructors

    • Congratulations

    • One last thing...

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