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  • I just started, or want to start, a new venture but I'm not sure where to begin.

    If you're just starting your business, we recommend that you watch our free online course. We'll cover the whole entrepreneurial cycle — beginning with innovations happening in your industry to understanding your customers and what you can do for them, and ending with effective goal-setting strategies and how to execute your projects with maximum efficiency.

    You can also download our free workbook PDF for interactive exercises and tips from world-leading sustainable companies.

  • I have an established business and want to know more about my impact and footprint, plus how to improve both.

    We recommend starting with our free impact assessment. This quick questionnaire will help you uncover which areas of your business are already doing great along with which areas you still have opportunities to improve.

  • I want to infuse my organization with purpose and find out how I can use my resources to support a worthy cause.

    The middle chapters of our free online course covers these topics and will walk you through creating your own successful mission statement. The course also includes resources to help you find and connect with a meaningful cause.

    You can also download our free workbook PDF already for a first look at what you'll learn in the course.

  • I want to win more clients for my business and/or create new products and services.

    While our free resources are geared toward getting you started in the right direction, our paid 1-on-1 sessions will help you laser-focus on the areas of your business in which you want to create the highest impact to ensure that you achieve your business goals.

Already have an established business? Take our free Impact Assessment.

Our experts put together a quick 7-minute business impact assessment to help you find out how much positive effect you have on your customers, community, and employees.

Learn the basics of sustainable business in our online course.

This self-paced free online business course breaks down the fundamentals of what makes a successful and sustainable business. You'll learn the purpose-driven strategies used by world-leading conscious companies.

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I really enjoyed the training
Easy-to-follow content with small pieces of video, including time to reflect and work on the exercises. The workbook is a great way to support the class. I can highly recommend this for people with no, little or a bit of knowledge about purpose-driven work. For people with more experience, this course gives a great opportunity to reflect on their own approach.

Kristof Schmit

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Great motivation and business booster
I am glad to have completed the Missionary course. Great motivation and business booster for my professional and personal future. I will look out for further programs.


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Great content and good applicability
I was super happy with completing the capitalism with purpose online course and checking the content of their LinkedIn Group. Doing several online classes of various providers recently (had to collect some knowledge and boost my CV) this one was by far the most modern and applicable when it comes to your own business or even your position in a larger corporation.

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