Use your resources to advance a worthy cause (and your bottom line).

Creating positive change doesn't mean you have to reinvent the wheel. Partnering up with a social partner (e.g. NGOs, charities, associations) or celebrities that have existing campaigns or platforms for change can increase your reach, impact, and influence. You can become a positive change-maker just by getting behind the organizations and people you want to help.

In this live session, we'll...

  • with you in our 3C model to find potential causes you could support.

  • ...assess your potential causes and their relevance to you and your stakeholders.

  • a matching cause for you and create a concept for how you can implement it into your business model.

  • ...explore potential social partners to help you advance your cause.

  • out measures to push your cause-connection through impactful product, service and communication ideas.

How this session works:

We'll help you identify, assess and implement a cause into your business model and show you how to work with a partner to advance your newly identified cause. The live part of this session usually lasts around 2 hours, but we don't set a timer and we won't abruptly stop in the middle of our discussion.

After you sign up, we'll ask you to fill out a questionnaire around your business, your customers and their behavior. Your answers will help us prepare a relevant strategy for your call with us. Other than that, there's no prerequisite to begin our call (except a somewhat steady internet connection, a microphone, and webcam).

To book the session please click the button or send us a quick email at If you have additional questions, please check the FAQ section below, or email us.

What others say about working with us

Franz Böse

Chief Marketing Officer (SILENT-YACHTS)

Solving a meaningful problem through innovation is at the core of what we do at SILENT-YACHTS. The reason we are excelling as leaders in our industry is because we saw a better solution for the sailing community and made it our goal to promote positive change, both for our customers and our environment.

MISSIONARY is doing crucial work to help more businesses amplify their impact & sustainability.

Bastian Springer


David & Adrian are Coaches in our Inkubation Programm MEDIA LIFT. We had an excellent (remote) training and workshop for our Teams. Thanks a lot for your input and inspiration.

Jon Butcher

CEO & Entrepreneur (Lifebook, Precious Moments, Purity Coffee)

Connecting to a cause isn't just a nice-to-have option. Doing more good just makes good business sense. And that's true no matter what industry you're in. If you're not aligned with a purpose, you're already at a competitive disadvantage.

MISSIONARY helps you gain your competitive edge through a focused process of discovering your authentic business mission and executing it with effectiveness and clarity.


via Trustpilot

I really enjoyed the training capitalism with purpose. Easy to follow content with small pieces of video incl. time to reflect and work on the exercise. The workbook is a great support and idea. I can highly recommend this for people with no, little or a bit of knowledge about purpose driven work. For people with more experience this course gives great opportunity to reflect the own approach.

Kristof Schmit

via Trustpilot

I am glad to have completed the Missionary course. Great motivation and business booster for my professional and personal future. I will look out for further programs.

The right choice for any business

Implement a cause-connection into your business model and use your existing resources to support positive change in your community. This will secure you 47% of customers who walk away from brands who don't act on social issues close to their heart.


  • You also offer a free online business course? How is this offer different?

    Our business mission is to help 50 Million companies around the globe to get insight into how they can implement positive change. We offer a free online course to make the topic of positive impact and innovation accessible to all - regardless of their budget.

    And while the course with its videos, insights and exercises covers a lot of ground, it is just the beginning of the journey to purpose. A pre-recorded video course can also never cover every possible business case, which is why we decided to offer these live sessions, as well as our micro-consultings to be able to dive deeper and help where help is needed.

  • I already went through your free workshop, is this just repeat content?

    The topics we cover in our live sessions build on top of the content of our workshop and deepen your understanding of these principles and help you grow your business.

    So if you already went through the course: Great! We can use the results from your exercises to get started right away and know that you already have a certain degree of knowledge around these topics. You can of course send us all additional questions and materials.

  • I did not watch your free videos, and would rather just do a live session

    Awesome, we're happy to have you! We do not require anyone to go through our video workshop. And while it does offer plenty of information we can easily get you up to speed in our call.

    You also have a chance to send us all relevant questions and material that we need to prepare for your live session when you purchase it.

Want to get started by yourself?

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